Rating – * * 1/2

Let’s talk about the movie Drishyam (Wrong or Wronged?) – an illusion, mystery, drama, murder, evidence – If you want to get feel of all this then probably Drishyam is the movie you should be watching, of course do not keep any high expectations in terms of overall acting or story line since all leading actors acted decently (not their best, for sure!) and again since this is a remake of a super hit Malayalam movie, everyone might already be aware of the plot. So if anyone on social media praising this movie and acting by leading actors over the top then I would certainly argue that!
Story – Talking about story, the film is about a family oriented man, Vijay Salgaokar, who is not educated enough (4th class pass) but loves his family and can do anything for them. At the same time he does stay all night in his cable tv office just to watch movies without any disturbance from his family but goes to his wife sometime at night when he watches some steamy Bollywood movie in office, really? Now that is what I call a family man :P. So this movie-crazy family man who is altruistic in nature since his childhood, has even adopted a daughter when he was 21 (which later explains why his daughter and wife look like his sisters, actually. Maybe it is because of Actor’s age, LOL).
This ‘ultra-altruistic’ family man, likes to help people in need and save them from injustice of Police and he does so just by gaining knowledge from the movies he watched through several nights – way to go if that works in real life!!! So when his own daughter murders a boy in her in self-defense and while saving her mother, our hero applies all his knowledge and tricks, which he learnt so far from those movies, to save his daughter and his family. The boy who gets killed happens to be the only son of IG of Police – Meera Deshmukh, played by Tabu, and who has been harassing this girl over her nude clip which he captured without her consent. Our family man tries everything that he can to save his daughter and family from police, court and from going to jail. How he does that and succeeds in his efforts is what Drishyam is all about.
While the story is interesting and does take care of most of the flaws that one can find but it is not much convincing. The movie starts slowly and does not really grab your attention until close to intermission. Some of the incidents shown in it do not really make sense but simply have been inserted forcefully in the movie because story-writer wants to convince us that our hero is really helpful and innocent in nature so that when he lies to police while trying to save his daughter, audience may already be in favor of him. But I think that was unnecessary. Because the circumstances under which his daughter committed crime, I personally believe that any strong and good father would have done the same for his family. (In India, where a family of bomb blast convicted can do everything to save him and media can make him hero then I think this crime committed by hero’s daughter hardly matters). The story then tells you all the efforts that hero takes to save his family from a strict police officer who is very sure that the hero’s family has killed the boy but who initially underestimates hero just because he is not well-educated and may not be capable of being so smart with police officer like her.
Acting – When it comes to acting, if you want to compare this movie to its other language versions which has stalwarts like Mohanlal and Kamal Haasan in them, Ajay Devgan is not at par but besides that I would say then he had done justice to this character and delivered what the character is all about. Even though he may be known as action hero, over the years Ajay has become a versatile actor and you can see that versatility in this movie as well. Talking about Tabu, she has played really great looking but strict IG of Police in this movie who does not tolerate any non-sense against police force. How I know? Because director has made it sure that audience know this through on of the ‘unnecessary’ incidents in the movie. Personally I feel Tabu played this character well and her acting was good enough for this character but you cannot say it was great (which I heard about other police officer’s character played by other actress in Tamil and Malayalam versions – Again please do not compare :P)
I still did not understand why they needed an actor like Rajat Kapoor to play an insignificant character of Tabu’s husband in this movie. It could have been played by any other actor. The role of Police Inspector who is one of the important characters in the movie as well as story, is played by Marathi actor – Kamlesh Sawant and he did his job well but we have seen him in many other movies with similar kind of roles (and most of the time in Ajay Devgan’s movies only). Rest all actors including Shriya Saran who played role of Ajay’s wife and his elder daughter, played by – Ishita Dutta, did ok job when it comes to acting. I personally did not like Shriya Saran’s acting and I am not even sure if that is her usual acting in each movie since I have not seen any of her movies in the past.
Review – I would say the movie was all about Ajay Devgan and he single-handedly carried it very well while Tabu supporting him, to some extent. Rest all characters did their job okay to bring this remake to the silver screen. Story is  not so great and not so much convincing but I think the overall narration, screenplay and direction was handled well to make it persuading to some extent.
Overall the movie is okay to watch once and is a bit different than your usual Bollywood movies with some twists and turns. The best thing is that it does not have too many songs in it, whoooppiee!!!
And yes, please do not try to compare Ajay Devgan’s acting with that of legends like Mohanlal or Kamal Haasan!!!
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