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September 2015

Kis Kisko Pyaar Karoo? – Zyaada Hai to Behtar Hai

Rating – * 1/2

Finally Comedy King Kapil Sharma’s movie released on Friday and it broke all the previous records held by any other debut actor’s movie so far. On the opening day itself it did business of more than Rs. 10 Cr. while breaking Student Of The Year‘s record to become number one movie for a debut actor in Bollywood. First 2 days of collection of the movie is around Rs. 18.75 Cr. which is a huge achievement for Kapil Sharma. Considering the movie is a comedy flick with usual storyline that you might have already witnessed in Govinda’s Sajan Chale Sasural movie, the business done by this movie is really great and of course all credit goes to none other Kapil Sharma!!!

Story: As mentioned above the story is very much Bollywood masala which every one of us watched in the past in some or the other Hindi movies. A bachelor guy, Shiv Ram Kishan Kumar, played by Kapil Sharma who gets married with 3 women one after another by accidents (if you leave logic out of theatre and just enjoy the comedy then you probably will be convinced that those were ‘real’ accidents, at least that is what I tried to do, no matter how hard it was). Obviously, after all these marriages how he tries to keep everyone happy and makes sure that none of his wives will know about each other is what the movie is all about. While he tries that he also wants to get married with his real love interest played by Eli Avram. Yes, we are talking about fourth marriage for our poor hero – Shiv Ram Kishan Kumar (what kind of weird name is that?).

Acting: Being a debut actor and comedy king, to play a role in this movie must not be much harder for Kapil Sharma and he did his job with ease as expected. We won’t say that he did awesome acting since in some scenes you can clearly make out all the efforts that he had taken to convince director and us – especially some emotional scenes. Overall his acting was good but obviously if at all he has to act in some serious movie maybe we will be able to gauge his real acting skills. Apart from acting, he did put in good efforts at dancing as well as in romantic songs. Speaking about other actors in the movie all 4 actresses, most of them being former models, acted the way they were supposed to act – OK and supported the film well. Good acting by Kapil’s lawyer in this movie, played by Varun Sharma, Kapil parents played by Sharat Saxena and Supriya Pathak. And of course Arbaaz Khan is also there (pun intended :P)!

Review: To be frank, for Abbas-Mastan duo who normally delivered thriller movies in the past, directing a David Dhavan type movie would have been tough if Kapil Sharma wouldn’t have been acting in it and they probably would have tried heir hand at comedy by banking upon Kapil’s huge popularity. It proved right for them but when it comes to movie I would say it was not that great if you want to compare it with some 90’s Govinda flicks. Kapil has his own style of comedy which will never beat Govinda’s and when you choose to do a film with a similar story, comparisons are bound to happen. Nevertheless I would say the movie is all about Kapil but still lacks some comedy. Some scenes are really funny but most of them seem like an effort to create a comedy.

Go and watch if you are Kapil Sharma fan and like he himself, if you also wanted to see Kapil as a Bollywood actor. Dialogues are okay, mostly the ones which you hear in Comedy Night with Kapil show, music and songs are also not that great and most of the time it seems songs were inserted deliberately. Movie becomes slow after intermission which is not a good sign for a comedy movie. But overall I would say it is overall okay movie!!


Katti Batti – Better to do ‘Katti’ with is movie 😜

Rating: About to Puke (* 1/2)

Friends, apologies for the delay in writing this movie review as I am still recovering from the shock after watching this movie. I know some of you might have already watched this movie and I can feel the pain for you but those who have not watched it yet, good for you!!! 👍🏻

Story: There is no story in this movie but only confusion. The mistake is totally mine and I accept it. Why? Because I missed to note down name of director of this movie. And before you misunderstand that let me explain myself – Director of this movie is not at all noteworthy – Mr. Nikhil Advani. So there you go, I just justified my mistake as well 😀. Surprisingly, he is the same director who gave us Kal Ho Na Ho but I think he has still stuck in those times and is not willing to move ahead. What a cliché – typical Bollywood movie, drama, first sight love, commitment, confusion and sacrifices- I mean WTF!!!

Maddy (Imran Khan) loves Payal (Kangana Ranaut) and he wants to be in a committed relationship where Payal does not think so but finally she agrees to it after some stupid drama by Maddy’s vella college gang and with Maa ka Aashirwaad. But then will that relationship come out the way they think? – go find it out yourself and suffer for two and half hours.

Acting: Should we even go there? I mean Kangana is obviously one of the finest actress in Bollywood at this moment but her acting in this movie is just okay. Probably she herself might have not given her 100% for this movie knowing that Nikhil Advani is directing it. And then there is Imran Khan, still struggling to create his own mark in the industry so he is struggling in this movie as well. Rest all of them, I don’t even remember now who all acted and what role.

Review: To be honest, there are so many times it happens while watching this movie that you may think that movie is over, but director has that amazing quality of stretching it as much possible as he can and test viewer’s patience (Remember Salaam-e-Ishq or Chandni Chowk to China) that it goes on and on and on. I mean there is hardly anything that you might like to watch in this movie unless you are super crazy romantic person (still I doubt that you will like this). Below average acting, stereotype story, boring screenplay, stupid dialogues (a few are funny though) and some over enthusiastic, unnecessary and random actors/models are the reasons why you all should be staying away from this movie. Even Kangana could not save this movie, and that is not Kangana’s fault. After all director has a track record of delivering continuous flop movies year after years and this movie proves that. I think Mr. Advani should retire from movie direction. One star for director’s this consistency 😜



KILL ME!!! – Zero Star

About to Suicide – *

About to Puke – * 1/2

Got me Headache – * *

Bearable (OK) – * * 1/2

Don’t Use Your Brain Just Watch (GOOD) – * * *

Worth of time (Nice) – * * * 1/2

Paisa Vasool (Awesome) – * * * *

Will Watch One More Time (Excellent) – * * * * 1/2

Just Made It to ‘One of My All-time Favorites’ List (Outstanding) – * * * * *

Welcome Back – You’re Not Welcome!

Rating: Got Me Headache!!! (* *)


Usually sequels are not always as good as originals and fail to meet audience’s expectations. Unfortunately, Welcome Back is also one of them and even with some twists in the story and change of characters, it fails to impress. When I saw the trailer first time, I was pretty sure (and maybe like me there might be some more people) that it is not going to be as awesome as the original and film proved it correct.

Story: I am going to keep it short when it comes to story. If director and producers already decided to make a sequel whether there is a story or not, what difference is it going to make? Don’s sister, her marriage and search for her ideal partner – the story remains same as part one with some twists. The movie is about wedding of Ajju Bhai, a Mumbai Don, played by John Abraham who is son of Paresh Rawal aka Ghungroo Mama. Ajju Bhai loves Ranjana, played by Shruti Haasan who is another sister of Don Uday Shetty (Nana Patekar). Being said that, what kind of additional twists will create problems in Ajju Bhai and Ranjana’s wedding and how will they overcome these problems is what you can see in Welcome Back.
Of course director might have thought having these twists in the story will make the movie different. Well, it did not. Unnecessary and forceful introduction of additional character to support the story, lavish sets, exquisite locations, super-luxury sports cars does not really support the movie but I am sure that must have increased the budget of the movie. (I did read in the news Director Anees Bazmee claiming that he has not received his money back yet, even though collection at the box office so far is almost Rs. 800 mn – Source: wikipedia and some other sources).
With such a weak story, you wouldn’t expect screenplay to be outstanding. It is in fact so boring that movie becomes slow after intermission and it seems it loses its track. Some scenes are added for no reason which eventually drags movie and thus takes two and half hours finish. I would definitely like to tell director and producers that it is not a crime to have a Hindi movie finish within 2 hours as long as it sticks to the story. This way you can even save some money and then you do not have to worry about recovering your money.

Acting: To be honest, with absence of Akshay Kumar, the only characters you would love to see in this movie are (Uday Shetty) Nana Patekar and (Majnu bhai) Anil Kapoor. Of course they were probably the main reason why most of you might have watched this movie. Dialogues for both of them and their timing is superb and you can laugh at some point while watching this movie, just because of them. Paresh Rawal has less screen space compared to that in the original movie but he is as always best at his work. Lead actors – John Abraham and Shruti Haasan – (if I may call them so or maybe I apologise for calling them Lead actors), did poor job when it comes to acting. Somehow John could not pull off Don’s role and it did not suit him at all. Shruti Haasan, she may be having looks from her beautiful mother and legacy of her parents but she, unfortunately is not at all good in this movie (I do not remember any other movie in which she would have been though :P). Even Naseeruddin Shah who is playing Wanted bhai (Character similar to Don RDX – Fedoz Khan) could not recreate the magic of Late Ladykiller actor. And yes, I must admit that I did miss Mallika Sherawat (I am not sure about you all though!)

Review: To be honest, for me this was complete crap except for some entertainment by Nana Patekar and Anil Kapoor. No story, no screenplay, poor acting, unnecessary additional characters, poor music and pathetic end of the movie (I mean what was Director thinking?) – when all this combines all you are going to get is Headache!!! and a question – “Was the sequel really required?”
The only best part of the movie I heard was initially director was thinking to cast Fardeen Khan for John’s role. So I would say thanks to him for not casting him 😛

Ratings Legend:
KILL ME!!! – Zero Star
About to Suicide – *
About to Puke – * 1/2
Got me Headache!!! – * *
Bearable (OK) – * * 1/2
Don’t Use Your Brain Just Watch (GOOD) – * * *
Worth of time (Nice) – * * * 1/2
Paisa Vasool (Awesome) – * * * *
Will Watch One More Time (Excellent) – * * * * 1/2
Just Made It to ‘One of My All-time Favorites’ List (Outstanding) – * * * * *

Phantom – This story I wish was never true!!!

Rating: Bearable (* * 1/2) 


Before I start writing this review I would like to pay my tribute to all those who lost their lives or suffered during the worst terrorist attacks that might have ever happened in India and I would only pray that attacks like 26/11 should never happen anywhere in the world ever again!

Phantom is a movie focusing on a tensed relationship between India and Pakistan after 26 November 2008’s (26/11) terrorist attacks on Mumbai. Director Kabir Khan, who delivered smashing hit like Bajrangi Bhaijaan this year which spread the message of peace in two countries and was hit in both India and Pakistan, came with Phantom which apparently got banned in Pakistan for obvious reasons. I would not want to go into politics while writing this review so I shall stick to movie only and will leave up to these two countries to decide the fate of victims and accused of these attacks.

Story: From trailer and movie’s tag line, everyone knows what this movie is all about and what could be the story, so there is no point in telling the story here but what is important to mention was the screenplay of the movie and how it could have been far much better than what was actually shown on the screen. Daniyaar Khan (Saif Ali Khan) who was an army officer and was thrown out of the army due to his ‘allegedly’ irresponsible act during the war (which I failed to understand for some reason). He is now living his life all alone in a shame, has lost honour and so scared to face his family. One day he was approached by RAW to carry out a covert operation to bring the justice by executing those who carried out 26/11 attacks and are still planning to attack India again. The operation was supposed to be inspired from USA’s operation which killed Osama. When Indian Prime Minister does not give permission to RAW to go ahead with this operation, they still go ahead while promising to keep it secret. They keep on searching for most suitable candidate to carry out this operation and zero in on Daniyaar Khan, since he had been thrown out of the army and has little information about him anywhere in the news or social media (P.S. He does not have Facebook and Twitter account as well and RAW emphasize on this fact, funny but true!). Daniyaar, who wants his lost honour back, finally agrees to be part of this operation which involves killing all perpetrators of 26/11 attacks but showing all those deaths as accidents – What a plan!!!
To know how he does it, whether succeeds or fails in it and what impact does this operation cause on India and Pakistan, go and watch the movie.

In this operation he gets the much needed support from none other than Nawaaz, played by Katrina. If that was not funny, then Director Kabir Khan also tried to show some love angle between this pair. I mean why? Why every Bollywood movie has to have love story? With such a serious topic at the heart of this movie, what was the need to show two more hearts beating for each other?

Acting: Talking about acting, Saif has done what he always does the best – ‘Being Saif’. Katrina, as usual, tried to speak better Hindi and tried to act whenever she got the chance. Rest all characters – RAW chief and agents, did what they could do, that is relaxed after putting Saif’s life into risk (since operation was covert). Other supporting actors who played Indian spies and Pakistani army officials acted for the worth of money that they got paid for.

Review: To be honest, if this movie would have been handled by some really serious director (and not by a typical Bollywood director) it would have been more serious. The movie was made like any other commercial Bollywood flick and I think director like Neeraj Pandey (of A Wednesday) might have given the proper justice to the movie. It lacked all the seriousness of the issue and at some point I was confused if I was watching Phantom or Agent Vinod, if you know what I mean!

While Kabir Khan had handled this kind of sensitive topic in his movie NewYork but the plot for that movie was completely different than this movie and so it was justified at that time.

I still wish the story would have been true but certainly not the way showed in this movie!!!

And I still feel the need of the reel and real version of the justice for victims to come to life, sooner than later.

All Is “NOT” Well (Review by Jr. Bachchan’s career 😜)

Rating – KILL ME!!! (Zero Star)


I would appreciate if you like/comment on this review for my efforts to sit through the entire movie and even more than writing this review and saving your lives!!!

Before I start writing actual ‘brutal’ review of this movie let me tell you all, I was paid to watch this movie. In fact, my friend requested me to watch this movie and offered me money to watch it since it was an ‘assumption’ that this would a comedy movie so will not be that boring despite of the fact that it has Abhishek Bachchan in it.
However, I was not paid for writing this review, and even if I would have been paid, it wouldn’t have been different than what you are going to read below!!!

While Aishwarya Rai-Bachchan is all set to make her comeback through Sanjay Gupta’s Jazbaa (trailer for which is out now – Jazbaa – Aishwarya Rai, Irfan Khan Trailer), Jr. B still has some pressure on his shoulder to earn something for family, no matter how much Sr. Bachchan (with all due respect to Sir) might be earning and even though Aish’s endorsement money might be enough. Otherwise I do not understand the logic behind Jr. B accepting offer to do such a non-sense movie. Not that he had not done same kind if mistakes in the past but I thought he would have learnt a thing or two from those mistakes, which apparently he did not and you can say this for sure after watching this so called family-cum-so-called-comedy movie.

Story: I am sorry to say that there is no story in this movie and if at all you want to know about it please go through what I have gone :-(. 
It is all about strained relationships between mother, father and their one and only son who leaves their house and go to Bangkok to make something big in his life, in singing career (Really, Bangkok? – if at all he wanted to make it big, he could have had sex change operation there but I doubt he would have made it big even then, or maybe he would have made it big, if not life then something else after the operation)

I still did not understand who had the courage to show Inder (Jr. B) as a Singer (like acting he was not successful even in singing) in Bangkok where Nimmi, played by Asin, loves him and wants to get married. But Inder who has gone through hell during his childhood years because of his parent’s (Rishi Kapoor and Supriya Pathak) strained relationship, does not believe in marriage and don’t want to marry Nimmi, even though he loves him.

Being said that Mr. Bhalla (Rishi Kapoor) who runs a small bakery since many years in a small town Kasauli, has taken a hefty loan from a local goon who now wants his money back or the bakery, instead of money. Inder does not share a good rapport with his father since he had not supported him in his decision to become singer (nobody would have :P) and thinks that his father is responsible for all the mess in his and his mother’s life, does not want to go back to home but destiny (as director wants us to think) brings him back in India and then if you want to know what happens next, please do NOT watch movie because its not worth of watching at all (even if it is free or even though someone is paying you to watch it!!! Now that I already given a disclaimer to you all, if you still watch it then you are responsible for your own actions. Period.

Acting: I still wonder why Rishi Kapoor felt the need of doing this movie and so did Supriya Pathak. Actress like her, had hardly had any dialogues in it. Such a waste of talent!!! Now when you cast Big B’s son in it, director and producer might have felt this pressure to give more screen space to non-actors like Jr. B and Asin and sidelining Supriya Pathak. Apparently the only reason I could think of Rishi Kapoor might have agreed to do this movie is Ranbir Kapoor’s 2 flop movies this year, or else I personally feel that he shouldn’t have done this movie. About Asin – Wish you Happy Married Life in advance and thank you that you decided to take a break from movies. I think she is a smart girl (not an actor though) but somehow got hypnotised while reading script of this movie. To be honest, everyone was at their worst of acting.

Review: I am not at all a fan of Jr. B and his movies but I liked his acting in movies like Yuva, Bluffmaster and Guru but this movie really sucks man!
Before I give final review, I would like to ask T-Series and all actors in this movie, why did you create such a pathetic movie? I mean, what were you thinking? And then you have courage to expect that audience will go and watch this in theatre. And kudos to Indian audience who paid to theatres to go through this hell. To sum it up – Worst dialogues, worst screenplay, worst direction, worst acting, worst everything. If at all anything was better about this movie, then it was “THE END”!!!

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