Rating – KILL ME!!! (Zero Star)


I would appreciate if you like/comment on this review for my efforts to sit through the entire movie and even more than writing this review and saving your lives!!!

Before I start writing actual ‘brutal’ review of this movie let me tell you all, I was paid to watch this movie. In fact, my friend requested me to watch this movie and offered me money to watch it since it was an ‘assumption’ that this would a comedy movie so will not be that boring despite of the fact that it has Abhishek Bachchan in it.
However, I was not paid for writing this review, and even if I would have been paid, it wouldn’t have been different than what you are going to read below!!!

While Aishwarya Rai-Bachchan is all set to make her comeback through Sanjay Gupta’s Jazbaa (trailer for which is out now – Jazbaa – Aishwarya Rai, Irfan Khan Trailer), Jr. B still has some pressure on his shoulder to earn something for family, no matter how much Sr. Bachchan (with all due respect to Sir) might be earning and even though Aish’s endorsement money might be enough. Otherwise I do not understand the logic behind Jr. B accepting offer to do such a non-sense movie. Not that he had not done same kind if mistakes in the past but I thought he would have learnt a thing or two from those mistakes, which apparently he did not and you can say this for sure after watching this so called family-cum-so-called-comedy movie.

Story: I am sorry to say that there is no story in this movie and if at all you want to know about it please go through what I have gone :-(. 
It is all about strained relationships between mother, father and their one and only son who leaves their house and go to Bangkok to make something big in his life, in singing career (Really, Bangkok? – if at all he wanted to make it big, he could have had sex change operation there but I doubt he would have made it big even then, or maybe he would have made it big, if not life then something else after the operation)

I still did not understand who had the courage to show Inder (Jr. B) as a Singer (like acting he was not successful even in singing) in Bangkok where Nimmi, played by Asin, loves him and wants to get married. But Inder who has gone through hell during his childhood years because of his parent’s (Rishi Kapoor and Supriya Pathak) strained relationship, does not believe in marriage and don’t want to marry Nimmi, even though he loves him.

Being said that Mr. Bhalla (Rishi Kapoor) who runs a small bakery since many years in a small town Kasauli, has taken a hefty loan from a local goon who now wants his money back or the bakery, instead of money. Inder does not share a good rapport with his father since he had not supported him in his decision to become singer (nobody would have :P) and thinks that his father is responsible for all the mess in his and his mother’s life, does not want to go back to home but destiny (as director wants us to think) brings him back in India and then if you want to know what happens next, please do NOT watch movie because its not worth of watching at all (even if it is free or even though someone is paying you to watch it!!! Now that I already given a disclaimer to you all, if you still watch it then you are responsible for your own actions. Period.

Acting: I still wonder why Rishi Kapoor felt the need of doing this movie and so did Supriya Pathak. Actress like her, had hardly had any dialogues in it. Such a waste of talent!!! Now when you cast Big B’s son in it, director and producer might have felt this pressure to give more screen space to non-actors like Jr. B and Asin and sidelining Supriya Pathak. Apparently the only reason I could think of Rishi Kapoor might have agreed to do this movie is Ranbir Kapoor’s 2 flop movies this year, or else I personally feel that he shouldn’t have done this movie. About Asin – Wish you Happy Married Life in advance and thank you that you decided to take a break from movies. I think she is a smart girl (not an actor though) but somehow got hypnotised while reading script of this movie. To be honest, everyone was at their worst of acting.

Review: I am not at all a fan of Jr. B and his movies but I liked his acting in movies like Yuva, Bluffmaster and Guru but this movie really sucks man!
Before I give final review, I would like to ask T-Series and all actors in this movie, why did you create such a pathetic movie? I mean, what were you thinking? And then you have courage to expect that audience will go and watch this in theatre. And kudos to Indian audience who paid to theatres to go through this hell. To sum it up – Worst dialogues, worst screenplay, worst direction, worst acting, worst everything. If at all anything was better about this movie, then it was “THE END”!!!