Rating: About to Puke (* 1/2)

Friends, apologies for the delay in writing this movie review as I am still recovering from the shock after watching this movie. I know some of you might have already watched this movie and I can feel the pain for you but those who have not watched it yet, good for you!!! πŸ‘πŸ»

Story: There is no story in this movie but only confusion. The mistake is totally mine and I accept it. Why? Because I missed to note down name of director of this movie. And before you misunderstand that let me explain myself – Director of this movie is not at all noteworthy – Mr. Nikhil Advani. So there you go, I just justified my mistake as well πŸ˜€. Surprisingly, he is the same director who gave us Kal Ho Na Ho but I think he has still stuck in those times and is not willing to move ahead. What a clichΓ© – typical Bollywood movie, drama, first sight love, commitment, confusion and sacrifices- I mean WTF!!!

Maddy (Imran Khan) loves Payal (Kangana Ranaut) and he wants to be in a committed relationship where Payal does not think so but finally she agrees to it after some stupid drama by Maddy’s vella college gang and with Maa ka Aashirwaad. But then will that relationship come out the way they think? – go find it out yourself and suffer for two and half hours.

Acting: Should we even go there? I mean Kangana is obviously one of the finest actress in Bollywood at this moment but her acting in this movie is just okay. Probably she herself might have not given her 100% for this movie knowing that Nikhil Advani is directing it. And then there is Imran Khan, still struggling to create his own mark in the industry so he is struggling in this movie as well. Rest all of them, I don’t even remember now who all acted and what role.

Review: To be honest, there are so many times it happens while watching this movie that you may think that movie is over, but director has that amazing quality of stretching it as much possible as he can and test viewer’s patience (Remember Salaam-e-Ishq or Chandni Chowk to China) that it goes on and on and on. I mean there is hardly anything that you might like to watch in this movie unless you are super crazy romantic person (still I doubt that you will like this). Below average acting, stereotype story, boring screenplay, stupid dialogues (a few are funny though) and some over enthusiastic, unnecessary and random actors/models are the reasons why you all should be staying away from this movie. Even Kangana could not save this movie, and that is not Kangana’s fault. After all director has a track record of delivering continuous flop movies year after years and this movie proves that. I think Mr. Advani should retire from movie direction. One star for director’s this consistency 😜



KILL ME!!! – Zero Star

About to Suicide – *

About to Puke – * 1/2

Got me Headache – * *

Bearable (OK) – * * 1/2

Don’t Use Your Brain Just Watch (GOOD) – * * *

Worth of time (Nice) – * * * 1/2

Paisa Vasool (Awesome) – * * * *

Will Watch One More Time (Excellent) – * * * * 1/2

Just Made It to β€˜One of My All-time Favorites’ List (Outstanding) – * * * * *