Rating – * 1/2

Finally Comedy King Kapil Sharma’s movie released on Friday and it broke all the previous records held by any other debut actor’s movie so far. On the opening day itself it did business of more than Rs. 10 Cr. while breaking Student Of The Year‘s record to become number one movie for a debut actor in Bollywood. First 2 days of collection of the movie is around Rs. 18.75 Cr. which is a huge achievement for Kapil Sharma. Considering the movie is a comedy flick with usual storyline that you might have already witnessed in Govinda’s Sajan Chale Sasural movie, the business done by this movie is really great and of course all credit goes to none other Kapil Sharma!!!

Story: As mentioned above the story is very much Bollywood masala which every one of us watched in the past in some or the other Hindi movies. A bachelor guy, Shiv Ram Kishan Kumar, played by Kapil Sharma who gets married with 3 women one after another by accidents (if you leave logic out of theatre and just enjoy the comedy then you probably will be convinced that those were ‘real’ accidents, at least that is what I tried to do, no matter how hard it was). Obviously, after all these marriages how he tries to keep everyone happy and makes sure that none of his wives will know about each other is what the movie is all about. While he tries that he also wants to get married with his real love interest played by Eli Avram. Yes, we are talking about fourth marriage for our poor hero – Shiv Ram Kishan Kumar (what kind of weird name is that?).

Acting: Being a debut actor and comedy king, to play a role in this movie must not be much harder for Kapil Sharma and he did his job with ease as expected. We won’t say that he did awesome acting since in some scenes you can clearly make out all the efforts that he had taken to convince director and us – especially some emotional scenes. Overall his acting was good but obviously if at all he has to act in some serious movie maybe we will be able to gauge his real acting skills. Apart from acting, he did put in good efforts at dancing as well as in romantic songs. Speaking about other actors in the movie all 4 actresses, most of them being former models, acted the way they were supposed to act – OK and supported the film well. Good acting by Kapil’s lawyer in this movie, played by Varun Sharma, Kapil parents played by Sharat Saxena and Supriya Pathak. And of course Arbaaz Khan is also there (pun intended :P)!

Review: To be frank, for Abbas-Mastan duo who normally delivered thriller movies in the past, directing a David Dhavan type movie would have been tough if Kapil Sharma wouldn’t have been acting in it and they probably would have tried heir hand at comedy by banking upon Kapil’s huge popularity. It proved right for them but when it comes to movie I would say it was not that great if you want to compare it with some 90’s Govinda flicks. Kapil has his own style of comedy which will never beat Govinda’s and when you choose to do a film with a similar story, comparisons are bound to happen. Nevertheless I would say the movie is all about Kapil but still lacks some comedy. Some scenes are really funny but most of them seem like an effort to create a comedy.

Go and watch if you are Kapil Sharma fan and like he himself, if you also wanted to see Kapil as a Bollywood actor. Dialogues are okay, mostly the ones which you hear in Comedy Night with Kapil show, music and songs are also not that great and most of the time it seems songs were inserted deliberately. Movie becomes slow after intermission which is not a good sign for a comedy movie. But overall I would say it is overall okay movie!!