Rating – * * * 1/2


After such a long time, I got to see a movie which really made me thinking. This was happened in the past when I saw Neeraj Pandey’s ‘A Wednesday’. While with Talvar, most of us know the story already, the director showed us some more details which probably otherwise might be hidden from common public. It raises a lot of questions on India’s law and order, judiciary systems and police and CBI’s ‘team work’. I will try not to go into much details and will try to stick to the movie review only.

Story and Acting: Since most of the folks who followed 2008 Aarushi Talwar muder case, know the story and the timeline of this case so I will not spend much time in telling the story in detail here. As far as acting is concerned, all notable lead actors in the movie portrayed their characters perfectly. Konkona Sen-Sharma may not have much screen space but as always she acted it at her best. Irrfan Khan, who is one of the finest actors in the industry played the CBI investigation officer (in real life Arun Kumar was CBI office on this case) and believed that it was servant who killed girl and servant  and not parents. Tabu, who played Irrfan’s wife, not sure if it was also based on real life incidents but director showed strained relationship and emotional tension between Irrfan and Tabu, which was used against him to remove him from this case by CBI director later.

Review: Almost all of us know the story since it is based on real life incidents which happened not long ago. In 2008 when a daughter of a well-settled doctor couple found dead in her bedroom, UP police on a prima facie convicted house servant since he was missing from the crime scene. However, they clearly missed the basic part of investigation on the very first day which is search operation and forensic investigation of the crime scene! Had they would have done it, they would have found missing servant’s dead body on house terrace itself and it would have solved many confusions, misunderstandings, arguments which came after this. But due to efficient UP police, this did not happen and so under pressure from senior officers they conveniently blamed girl’s parent as the main convicts. However, due to lack of evidence they could not prove it and here enters CBI.

Finally CBI succeeded nabbing potential convicts – 2 servants  but failed to prove that either. Not sure what went wrong – whether it was police who tried to save their face or CBI itself who tried to save theirs. Somewhere in between the case got transferred from one CBI official to another and ended up creating two teams within CBI itself, which did not come to an agreement on how to proceed with case and decided to close the case. Thanks to the judiciary system of India, which said case cannot be closed and since you already convicted parents, prove it and proceed. Result – Parents got awarded with Life term imprisonment.

Sounds horrible, right? But it is even more than horrible than it sounds because now nobody knows who are actual culprits, who is wrong, who is right. And the most important question – “Had the justice really been served?”

I would say that this movie is a must-watch!!!

Just FYI – Why would the alleged killer find the murder weapon and hand it over to investigators? Ex-Aarushi case investigator asks – The Times of India