Rating: * (About to Suicide!)

Firstly, I would like to apologise for delay in writing this review. Honestly I was in a shock after I watched this pathetic movie, but finally I gathered some strength to write this review. But on a serious note, if any of you have not yet watched this movie or planning to watch it, please don’t. Stay as away as possible!

Story: You cannot call a one-liner as a story of the movie so basically there is no story at all. This movie all about two big business families and one big fat Indian wedding which is nothing but a business deal between these 2 families. The important characters of this deal are a protective father (Pankaj Kapoor), a ‘deal-bride’ Isha (played by Sahana Kapoor), an illegitimate girl Alia (played by Alia Bhatt), a wedding organiser Jagjinder Joginder (Shahid Kapoor) and Insomnia (yes, Insomnia – it plays a very vital role in this movie). Jagjinder Jogider, a wedding organizer (again, there is a story behind this tongue-twister name and director has taken effort to explain that as well. I wish director would have taken similar efforts to have a better screenplay) falls in love with Alia and save the ‘deal-bride’ Isha and her family from so called wedding-cum-business deal. Being said that, it is not a new story line for any Bollywood movie. We all have seen movies in the past with same storyline but director like Vikas Bahl (#Queen maker) could have done a lot better with this story and could have presented with a fresh vision. Now I am not sure what exactly went wrong – whether it is the director, actors or some other influencers but the outcome is horrible.

Acting: Not sure what was wrong with everyone in this movie but when it comes to acting, everyone sucks! With due respect to Mr. Pankaj Kapoor, I am not sure why did he agree to do this movie and if it has anything to do with launching his daughter Sahana Kapoor. Not to mention over-actors like Sanjay Kapoor and his bro in the movie (don’t know who the hell that model is) played very important roles to drag this movie to even lower standards. Well, when there is so little to talk about Pankaj Kapoor’s acting, why would I waste any words to talk about Shahid and Alia’s acting.

Review: Pathetic, simply pathetic and one of the worst movies I have ever seen. It reminded me of the worst feeling which I had when I watched Akshay Kumar’s #Joker. I literally cursed myself to have paid to watch this movie. I had high expectations from Vikas Bahl (who has directed movie like Queen) for some fresh angle to the old story but it didn’t happen. On top of that there is no such thing called screenplay, dialogues or acting in this movie. It is like director asked actors to do whatever they want, captured it on a camera and released it as a movie. Most of the scenes really make you think – what was the need of these scenes in the movie but eventually you will realise that if director would have thought like us then there wouldn’t have been this movie at all – which would have been better for us as audience!!!

I think whole purpose of this movie was that director wanted to introduce us to ‘Alia 2.0′ – a new improvised Alia with Google Support 😜😜😜 

‘Statutory’ Warning – Watch this movie at your own risk!!