Rating – * * * 1/2

Before I start writing review, let me salute real heroes Mr. Matthews and Mr. Vedi, who carried out history’s the biggest civil operation to evacuate Indians from war-zone country Kuwait in 1990. It is important to mention here that in this operation they got a very little help from the then government of India. But a few bureaucrats did the best job to help these heroes and brought back around 170,000 Indians safely back home – India.

Story: In 1990, with ongoing political dispute and tensions between Iraq and Kuwait, Saddam Hussain’s army invades Kuwait and captures entire Kuwait city in just a few hours. The royal family flees to Saudi Arabia living Kuwait behind in the hands of ruthless Iraq army, which comprises of teenagers as their soldiers with machine guns and rifles in their hand. Ranjeet Katiyal (Akshay Kumar), a very powerful and influential Indian-origin businessman settled in Kuwait along with family – a wife, Amrita Katiyal (Nimrat Kaur) and a daughter. Ranjeet whose influence is widespread from Kuwait government to royal family, feels helpless in a night with no support from either of them. He, who always used think himself Kuwaiti first, in a night becomes ‘helpless Indian’ stranded in a war-zone. The story of Ranjit, played by Akshay Kumar, as a tribute to real heroes, unfolds thrilling events, action, emotions during the execution of this massive civil rescue operation with help of their little influence, and Indian buerocrats to save lives of 170,000 indians.

Acting: Let me start with a word ‘flawless’ to describe performance by Akshay Kumar. Only he could have delivered justice to this character and director Raja Krishna Menon did no mistake by selecting Akshay for this role. Nimrat Kaur, herself being critically acclaimed actor, played Akshay’s wife too good. Nimrat Kaur, portrayed the transition of a wife and mother thinking only about her family in a crisis to a strong woman supporting her husband in his decision to lead this rescue operation with whatever it takes, effortlessly. Definitely worth mentioning are performances by Purab Joshi (as Ibrahim Durrani), Prakash Belawadi (as irritating, selfish and insensitive Mr. George).

Review: Director Raja Krishna Menon did really good job. Casting of each character was perfect and well suited to the story. Screenplay and cinematography is good but could have been better. Movie manages to create the required impact but somewhere it felt that movie was not able to grip audience, the way it had been the case with Akshay’s previous movie like ‘Special 26’. Overall movie is worth watching and fantastic recreation of true historical events, which most of us might have been unaware of. However, I must mention here that it was totally unnecessary of Bhangra song in the war-zone just to show the celebration of rescue of Indians. Why Bollywood movie needs to be like this, always?