Rating: * *


Besides the fact that movie is one-time watch, you can still save both – your time and money – if you are not at all curious to find out director R Balki’s thought process behind this different kind of love story.
To keep it short, I would say this – I don’t want to waste time reviewing Arjun Kapoor’s movie.

R Balki who has directed movies like Cheeni Cum and Paa in the past, came up with a twist in a regular love story. You may think about it as another feminist movie talking about women empowerment but you may or may not be correct!

Arjun Kapoor wants to become househusband while Kareena is career-oriented, ambitious independent girl. When they get married, this different kind of marriage impacts on their life as well as society and what kind of twists and turns that marriage goes is what Ki and Ka all about.
At one point, it feels that director has no story to move this movie ahead but thanks to some “unrealistic” events and social-media traction (in the movie), director somehow managed to create some ‘friction’ between leading actors.

By the end, you may eventually come out with a message but I feel director or story-writer himself never thought about the gender discrimination when throughout the movie actor calls himself as ‘Ki’ and actress calls herself as ‘Ka’ in their relationship/marriage. I mean, why does actor needs to refer himself as ‘Ki’ just because he is househusband or why is ‘Ka’ only reserved for earning person of the family?

Regardless of a message at the end of the movie, I think director forgot to realise that by referring each other in an opposite way, he is actually doing the gender discrimination. And because of which I did not really understood what director was trying to convey at the end of the movie – This is just my opinion.

You can watch it for entertainment without thinking too much and forget because it is just like any other love-marriage story with a “role-reversal”!

I won’t comment much on acting, the reason you all know better!

Why watch? – 

  • Because you really have nothing else to watch
  • “Different” angle to the same old love story
  • R Balki
  • If you love trains 😬 (not sure why was there so much emphasis on actor’s love of trains? Who love trains so much that they decide to decorate entire house as a train station, especially in India?

Why avoid? – 

  • Save money and time
  • Stay away from Arjun Kapoor (so called ‘IIM MBA topper’ 😜)
  • If you don’t like trains (all Mumbaites will be on board with this 👍🏻)

pUn InTeNdEd – Arjun Kapoor after this movie is “almost” related to Saif Ali Khan in reel life, though in a twisted way 😜😂

#Hint – 2 States (Amrita Singh) vs. Ki and Ka (Kareena Kapoor)