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Raees – Mass movie with SRK and Nawazuddin’s magic

Rating – * * *

Powerful acting by Shah Rukh Khan, and Nawazuddin Siddiqui, with some powerful dialogues, not so over-the-top action sequences and with awesome message towards the end of the movie – Raees wins your heart!!! 

It is a mass movie which reminds you of 80s Amitabh Bachchan’s movie but with magic of none other than King Khan…

All and all, nice movie from SRK after a long, long time, loved it!!!


Ki and Ka – but Ka? Kyon? Why?

Rating: * *


Besides the fact that movie is one-time watch, you can still save both – your time and money – if you are not at all curious to find out director R Balki’s thought process behind this different kind of love story.
To keep it short, I would say this – I don’t want to waste time reviewing Arjun Kapoor’s movie.

R Balki who has directed movies like Cheeni Cum and Paa in the past, came up with a twist in a regular love story. You may think about it as another feminist movie talking about women empowerment but you may or may not be correct!

Arjun Kapoor wants to become househusband while Kareena is career-oriented, ambitious independent girl. When they get married, this different kind of marriage impacts on their life as well as society and what kind of twists and turns that marriage goes is what Ki and Ka all about.
At one point, it feels that director has no story to move this movie ahead but thanks to some “unrealistic” events and social-media traction (in the movie), director somehow managed to create some ‘friction’ between leading actors.

By the end, you may eventually come out with a message but I feel director or story-writer himself never thought about the gender discrimination when throughout the movie actor calls himself as ‘Ki’ and actress calls herself as ‘Ka’ in their relationship/marriage. I mean, why does actor needs to refer himself as ‘Ki’ just because he is househusband or why is ‘Ka’ only reserved for earning person of the family?

Regardless of a message at the end of the movie, I think director forgot to realise that by referring each other in an opposite way, he is actually doing the gender discrimination. And because of which I did not really understood what director was trying to convey at the end of the movie – This is just my opinion.

You can watch it for entertainment without thinking too much and forget because it is just like any other love-marriage story with a “role-reversal”!

I won’t comment much on acting, the reason you all know better!

Why watch? – 

  • Because you really have nothing else to watch
  • “Different” angle to the same old love story
  • R Balki
  • If you love trains 😬 (not sure why was there so much emphasis on actor’s love of trains? Who love trains so much that they decide to decorate entire house as a train station, especially in India?

Why avoid? – 

  • Save money and time
  • Stay away from Arjun Kapoor (so called ‘IIM MBA topper’ 😜)
  • If you don’t like trains (all Mumbaites will be on board with this 👍🏻)

pUn InTeNdEd – Arjun Kapoor after this movie is “almost” related to Saif Ali Khan in reel life, though in a twisted way 😜😂

#Hint – 2 States (Amrita Singh) vs. Ki and Ka (Kareena Kapoor)

Bombay Velvet – A sweet and musical peek into 60’s ‘Bombay’

Rating – * 1/2  

A poor orphan boy, comes to Bombay after India-Pakistan partition in 1947. While growing up among street kids and looking at lavish lifestyles of riches of the city, he himself plans to become a bigshot. The movie takes through the journey of this boy who becomes Johnny alias Balraj (Ranbir Kapoor), the right-hand of cunning, shrewd businessman Cyrus Khambata (Karan Johar) and fights with all odds to become bigshot.

Why Watch: Direction by Anurag Kashyap, Acting efforts by Ranbir Kapoor, if you are a Jazz Lover, 60’s ‘Bombay’

Why Avoid: too slow, hate jazz, hate KJo and to save yourself from Karan Johar’s pathetic acting

pUn InTeNdEd – Another reasons to avoid – You may not want to watch KJo having orgasm when Ranbir pushes him to the wall during the “fight” (JK! 😜)

Airlift – Salute to Real Heroes

Rating – * * * 1/2

Before I start writing review, let me salute real heroes Mr. Matthews and Mr. Vedi, who carried out history’s the biggest civil operation to evacuate Indians from war-zone country Kuwait in 1990. It is important to mention here that in this operation they got a very little help from the then government of India. But a few bureaucrats did the best job to help these heroes and brought back around 170,000 Indians safely back home – India.

Story: In 1990, with ongoing political dispute and tensions between Iraq and Kuwait, Saddam Hussain’s army invades Kuwait and captures entire Kuwait city in just a few hours. The royal family flees to Saudi Arabia living Kuwait behind in the hands of ruthless Iraq army, which comprises of teenagers as their soldiers with machine guns and rifles in their hand. Ranjeet Katiyal (Akshay Kumar), a very powerful and influential Indian-origin businessman settled in Kuwait along with family – a wife, Amrita Katiyal (Nimrat Kaur) and a daughter. Ranjeet whose influence is widespread from Kuwait government to royal family, feels helpless in a night with no support from either of them. He, who always used think himself Kuwaiti first, in a night becomes ‘helpless Indian’ stranded in a war-zone. The story of Ranjit, played by Akshay Kumar, as a tribute to real heroes, unfolds thrilling events, action, emotions during the execution of this massive civil rescue operation with help of their little influence, and Indian buerocrats to save lives of 170,000 indians.

Acting: Let me start with a word ‘flawless’ to describe performance by Akshay Kumar. Only he could have delivered justice to this character and director Raja Krishna Menon did no mistake by selecting Akshay for this role. Nimrat Kaur, herself being critically acclaimed actor, played Akshay’s wife too good. Nimrat Kaur, portrayed the transition of a wife and mother thinking only about her family in a crisis to a strong woman supporting her husband in his decision to lead this rescue operation with whatever it takes, effortlessly. Definitely worth mentioning are performances by Purab Joshi (as Ibrahim Durrani), Prakash Belawadi (as irritating, selfish and insensitive Mr. George).

Review: Director Raja Krishna Menon did really good job. Casting of each character was perfect and well suited to the story. Screenplay and cinematography is good but could have been better. Movie manages to create the required impact but somewhere it felt that movie was not able to grip audience, the way it had been the case with Akshay’s previous movie like ‘Special 26’. Overall movie is worth watching and fantastic recreation of true historical events, which most of us might have been unaware of. However, I must mention here that it was totally unnecessary of Bhangra song in the war-zone just to show the celebration of rescue of Indians. Why Bollywood movie needs to be like this, always?

Bajirao Mastani – Love Story of a Warrior

Rating: * * * *

Let me start with the fact that I am not Ranveer Singh fan at all but after watching Bajirao Mastani I must say – this guy is gonna stay here for long!!!
Phenomenal acting by Ranveer Singh as Peshwa Bajirao I, with all minute details taken care of.

Story and screenplay always play important part of such epic movies because there is hardly anything you can change when it is based on true events. One must remember that history can be created but cannot be changed. The Peshwa Bajirao I, I have known so far was Maratha King who went crazy for Mastani, a beautiful dancer and how this craziness ultimately became one of the reasons of Maratha Empire’s loss. But when I went through some of the facts as part of my research before I watched this movie, my perception got changed and there was different kind of excitement in mind to see this movie on-screen. Not to mention I like both Deepika and Priyanka 😀. Sanjay Leela Bhansali beautifully presented this great love story of Peshwa Bajirao and Mastani to audience through his artistic lenses. A pure love story between a Hindu King Peshwa Bajirao (Ranveer Singh) and a Muslim Princess Mastani, played by Deepika Padukone (which otherwise I had known as debauchery of Peshwa Bajirao). Not to mention, I had wrong version of history in my mind. Mastani, daughter of Rajput King Chatrasaal whom Bajirao helps to save his kingdom from Mughal Commander, falls in love with Bajirao. Peshwa who has been married to Kashibai, also reciprocates to this feeling. But when Mastani comes to Pune to be with Peshwa as his wife, she was forced to become a dancer by Bajirao’s mother Radha Maa (played by Tanvi Azmi and not Radhe Maa 😜). Mastani bears all tortures and humiliation just for her love – Peshwa Bajirao). They had to face opposition from religious fanatics, society and Peshwa’s own family. Finally both Bajirao and Mastani die in a desperate attempt to be together, while trying unsuccessfully to win hearts of own family members.

Sanjay Bhansali, being such a magnificent director, presented feelings of each character so well – Mastani’s true and passionate love, Bajirao’s emotions and dilemma – to choose love over his duties as king for his people, Kashibai’s dilemma whether to accept or to hate Mastani. Ranveer portrayed Rao with all his mind and soul totally immersed into it.  Director even put detailed attention to diction of Ranveer as a Maratha king and that is not the case only for him but also for Priyanka.
Amazing performances not just by Ranveer, Deepika or Priyanka but the entire cast – Tanvi Azmi as Radha Maa, Milind Soman as Pant, Vaibhav Tatwawadi as Chimaji Appa and all other supporting actors has done really great job.
Every bit of a movie leaves you speechless and amused about Bhansali’s vision and attention to each character, costume, diction. Not to mention magnum opus sets which Bhansali’s movies are famous for.
The only thing I would complain about would be it’s music and unnecessary songs. It is really difficult to digest to see Bajirao Peshwa dancing crazy on some item song. It would have been better if Director would have had a ‘Gondhal’ dance (Marathi folk dance) as part of celebration of Peshwa’s victory instead of pathetic lyrics and item dance on the line of ‘Thathad Thathad’ song (Ram Leela)

Awesome performances by all actors, great screenplay, superb action sequences, excellent direction, magnificent movie sets – overall a complete package minus music.

I must say one thing here that between the clash of Dilwale and Bajirao Mastani, Bajirao Mastani is a clear winner!!! It would not be wrong to say that Ranveer deserves best actor award for 2015 for his performance as Peshwa Bajirao I! (Strictly my opinion) 😀👍

And important thing is a message to love all religions and there is no place for religion in Love.
But surprisingly when audience come out of cinema hall, suddenly they are totally in favor of this bigamy 😜

Shaandaar – A Big ‘Fart’ Indian Wedding!

Rating: * (About to Suicide!)

Firstly, I would like to apologise for delay in writing this review. Honestly I was in a shock after I watched this pathetic movie, but finally I gathered some strength to write this review. But on a serious note, if any of you have not yet watched this movie or planning to watch it, please don’t. Stay as away as possible!

Story: You cannot call a one-liner as a story of the movie so basically there is no story at all. This movie all about two big business families and one big fat Indian wedding which is nothing but a business deal between these 2 families. The important characters of this deal are a protective father (Pankaj Kapoor), a ‘deal-bride’ Isha (played by Sahana Kapoor), an illegitimate girl Alia (played by Alia Bhatt), a wedding organiser Jagjinder Joginder (Shahid Kapoor) and Insomnia (yes, Insomnia – it plays a very vital role in this movie). Jagjinder Jogider, a wedding organizer (again, there is a story behind this tongue-twister name and director has taken effort to explain that as well. I wish director would have taken similar efforts to have a better screenplay) falls in love with Alia and save the ‘deal-bride’ Isha and her family from so called wedding-cum-business deal. Being said that, it is not a new story line for any Bollywood movie. We all have seen movies in the past with same storyline but director like Vikas Bahl (#Queen maker) could have done a lot better with this story and could have presented with a fresh vision. Now I am not sure what exactly went wrong – whether it is the director, actors or some other influencers but the outcome is horrible.

Acting: Not sure what was wrong with everyone in this movie but when it comes to acting, everyone sucks! With due respect to Mr. Pankaj Kapoor, I am not sure why did he agree to do this movie and if it has anything to do with launching his daughter Sahana Kapoor. Not to mention over-actors like Sanjay Kapoor and his bro in the movie (don’t know who the hell that model is) played very important roles to drag this movie to even lower standards. Well, when there is so little to talk about Pankaj Kapoor’s acting, why would I waste any words to talk about Shahid and Alia’s acting.

Review: Pathetic, simply pathetic and one of the worst movies I have ever seen. It reminded me of the worst feeling which I had when I watched Akshay Kumar’s #Joker. I literally cursed myself to have paid to watch this movie. I had high expectations from Vikas Bahl (who has directed movie like Queen) for some fresh angle to the old story but it didn’t happen. On top of that there is no such thing called screenplay, dialogues or acting in this movie. It is like director asked actors to do whatever they want, captured it on a camera and released it as a movie. Most of the scenes really make you think – what was the need of these scenes in the movie but eventually you will realise that if director would have thought like us then there wouldn’t have been this movie at all – which would have been better for us as audience!!!

I think whole purpose of this movie was that director wanted to introduce us to ‘Alia 2.0′ – a new improvised Alia with Google Support 😜😜😜 

‘Statutory’ Warning – Watch this movie at your own risk!!

Pyaar Ka Punchnama 2 – Old Wine In New Bottle

Rating: * 1/2


I am sure by this time most of you must have watched this sequel of famous 2011 – Pyaar Ka Punchnama movie. To be honest, I don’t think anybody would have even bothered to imagine sequel of this movie. But when trailer hit online a couple of months back, some curiosity might have raised in everyone’s (especially all Mens) mind. I know for sure that most of girls might not be too excited with sequel after they have seen the first part and trailer of the movie already told what ‘new’ this movie could offer to audience. After all why would they take this continuous bashing from boys each time 😛

Story: There is nothing new in the story. It is similar to its predecessor and does not offer any new element to watch out for, except a few new faces (I did not call them actors, for a reason :P)). I just not hope that producers don’t start franchise of this series with same story but different cast every other year. But despite of same story, movie managed to score good box office collection over the weekend – all credit goes to the Original movie!

Movie tells the story of 3 boys, who fall in love with 3 different girls and how each of them has to face weird but typical situations in their relationship which teach them lesson at the end.

Most of them are newcomers or a film or two old actors so not much expectations in terms acting from them, so let us not talk about it. Though it is no harm to mention that actors who played Rajat’s character as well as Thakur’s character, were comparatively better than others. Third guy who is another newcomer – Sunny (and a distant relative to Ajay Devgan) who played Siddarth was not so good. In most of the scenes it felt like he was just reading dialogue!!!

Review: To be frank and honest, movie is really slow and boring at the beginning. For some reason you will keep on comparing it with first part and gradually get more and more disappointed by the end of the movie.

You may not want to go for this movie (irrespective of the fact that first part was awesome) because –

1. This sequel does not have Divyendu Sharma (actor who played Nishant Agarwal – software engineer from first part) in it

2. Story is not at all different

3. Horrible acting by some newcomers!

4. Movie is really slow!! 

But you may want to watch this movie because –

1. You don’t have anything else to do or watch

2. Even though Rajjo’s (Rajat played by Karthik) monologue is not as good as that was in the first part but he still managed to keep expectations of audience and some of the punches in this monologue are really good and original

3. Whatever, who cares!!!

Talvar – Had the justice really been served?

Rating – * * * 1/2


After such a long time, I got to see a movie which really made me thinking. This was happened in the past when I saw Neeraj Pandey’s ‘A Wednesday’. While with Talvar, most of us know the story already, the director showed us some more details which probably otherwise might be hidden from common public. It raises a lot of questions on India’s law and order, judiciary systems and police and CBI’s ‘team work’. I will try not to go into much details and will try to stick to the movie review only.

Story and Acting: Since most of the folks who followed 2008 Aarushi Talwar muder case, know the story and the timeline of this case so I will not spend much time in telling the story in detail here. As far as acting is concerned, all notable lead actors in the movie portrayed their characters perfectly. Konkona Sen-Sharma may not have much screen space but as always she acted it at her best. Irrfan Khan, who is one of the finest actors in the industry played the CBI investigation officer (in real life Arun Kumar was CBI office on this case) and believed that it was servant who killed girl and servant  and not parents. Tabu, who played Irrfan’s wife, not sure if it was also based on real life incidents but director showed strained relationship and emotional tension between Irrfan and Tabu, which was used against him to remove him from this case by CBI director later.

Review: Almost all of us know the story since it is based on real life incidents which happened not long ago. In 2008 when a daughter of a well-settled doctor couple found dead in her bedroom, UP police on a prima facie convicted house servant since he was missing from the crime scene. However, they clearly missed the basic part of investigation on the very first day which is search operation and forensic investigation of the crime scene! Had they would have done it, they would have found missing servant’s dead body on house terrace itself and it would have solved many confusions, misunderstandings, arguments which came after this. But due to efficient UP police, this did not happen and so under pressure from senior officers they conveniently blamed girl’s parent as the main convicts. However, due to lack of evidence they could not prove it and here enters CBI.

Finally CBI succeeded nabbing potential convicts – 2 servants  but failed to prove that either. Not sure what went wrong – whether it was police who tried to save their face or CBI itself who tried to save theirs. Somewhere in between the case got transferred from one CBI official to another and ended up creating two teams within CBI itself, which did not come to an agreement on how to proceed with case and decided to close the case. Thanks to the judiciary system of India, which said case cannot be closed and since you already convicted parents, prove it and proceed. Result – Parents got awarded with Life term imprisonment.

Sounds horrible, right? But it is even more than horrible than it sounds because now nobody knows who are actual culprits, who is wrong, who is right. And the most important question – “Had the justice really been served?”

I would say that this movie is a must-watch!!!

Just FYI – Why would the alleged killer find the murder weapon and hand it over to investigators? Ex-Aarushi case investigator asks – The Times of India

Kis Kisko Pyaar Karoo? – Zyaada Hai to Behtar Hai

Rating – * 1/2

Finally Comedy King Kapil Sharma’s movie released on Friday and it broke all the previous records held by any other debut actor’s movie so far. On the opening day itself it did business of more than Rs. 10 Cr. while breaking Student Of The Year‘s record to become number one movie for a debut actor in Bollywood. First 2 days of collection of the movie is around Rs. 18.75 Cr. which is a huge achievement for Kapil Sharma. Considering the movie is a comedy flick with usual storyline that you might have already witnessed in Govinda’s Sajan Chale Sasural movie, the business done by this movie is really great and of course all credit goes to none other Kapil Sharma!!!

Story: As mentioned above the story is very much Bollywood masala which every one of us watched in the past in some or the other Hindi movies. A bachelor guy, Shiv Ram Kishan Kumar, played by Kapil Sharma who gets married with 3 women one after another by accidents (if you leave logic out of theatre and just enjoy the comedy then you probably will be convinced that those were ‘real’ accidents, at least that is what I tried to do, no matter how hard it was). Obviously, after all these marriages how he tries to keep everyone happy and makes sure that none of his wives will know about each other is what the movie is all about. While he tries that he also wants to get married with his real love interest played by Eli Avram. Yes, we are talking about fourth marriage for our poor hero – Shiv Ram Kishan Kumar (what kind of weird name is that?).

Acting: Being a debut actor and comedy king, to play a role in this movie must not be much harder for Kapil Sharma and he did his job with ease as expected. We won’t say that he did awesome acting since in some scenes you can clearly make out all the efforts that he had taken to convince director and us – especially some emotional scenes. Overall his acting was good but obviously if at all he has to act in some serious movie maybe we will be able to gauge his real acting skills. Apart from acting, he did put in good efforts at dancing as well as in romantic songs. Speaking about other actors in the movie all 4 actresses, most of them being former models, acted the way they were supposed to act – OK and supported the film well. Good acting by Kapil’s lawyer in this movie, played by Varun Sharma, Kapil parents played by Sharat Saxena and Supriya Pathak. And of course Arbaaz Khan is also there (pun intended :P)!

Review: To be frank, for Abbas-Mastan duo who normally delivered thriller movies in the past, directing a David Dhavan type movie would have been tough if Kapil Sharma wouldn’t have been acting in it and they probably would have tried heir hand at comedy by banking upon Kapil’s huge popularity. It proved right for them but when it comes to movie I would say it was not that great if you want to compare it with some 90’s Govinda flicks. Kapil has his own style of comedy which will never beat Govinda’s and when you choose to do a film with a similar story, comparisons are bound to happen. Nevertheless I would say the movie is all about Kapil but still lacks some comedy. Some scenes are really funny but most of them seem like an effort to create a comedy.

Go and watch if you are Kapil Sharma fan and like he himself, if you also wanted to see Kapil as a Bollywood actor. Dialogues are okay, mostly the ones which you hear in Comedy Night with Kapil show, music and songs are also not that great and most of the time it seems songs were inserted deliberately. Movie becomes slow after intermission which is not a good sign for a comedy movie. But overall I would say it is overall okay movie!!

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